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BAKER CITY, OR: Bulldogs lose to Mollala in play-in game

Baker can't keep up with Indians

Posted on October 31, 2014

Brandon Stairs had a kick-off return of 90 yards for a touchdown, his fifth runback of the season, but the Bulldogs could not keep pace with the Mollala Indians Friday night losing 49 to 18 in a play-in game. The loss knocks Baker out of the play-offs. Porter Cline rushed for 62 yards in the loss.

EASTERN OREGON: Area football scores

High school football scores

Elgin def Condon/Wheeler 52 to 46 in overtime Friday night. Gage Little threw for four touchdowns, all to Gavin Christenson. Jordon Vermillion had three rushing touchdowns, and Jayden McKay added a rushing touchdown in the win.

Union/Cove 49 def Enterprise 6

Monument/Dayville 70 def Joseph 28

Pine Eagle 34 def Harper/Huntington 32

Adrian 60 def Wallowa 8

Crane 60 def Powder Valley 14

LA GRANDE, OR: County responds to Shelter from the Storm appeal

County asks the judge to dismiss the appeal

Posted October 31, 2014

Two judges have ruled in favor of Union County on every point in the lawsuit filed by Shelter from the Storm over the courthouse siting plans and the eviction proceedings, and that's why the appeal filed by the Shelter should be dismissed according to Brent Smith, the attorney for Union County. Smith filed an answer to the appeal yesterday.  Smith pointed out testimony by Shelter Director Teresa Crouser that the Shelter's last lease ended August 31, 2013 and county staff had met with Crouser and other Shelter officials and made numerous offers of help to find them a new location.  Judge Eva Temple ruled the Shelter was an illegal occupant of the building and was not entitled to any damages for moving. 

Smith says the appeal will not prevent the county from moving forward with the courthouse project.  There's no word on when a judge will rule on the motion to dismiss.

ONTARIO, OR: Named most dangerous city in Oregon

Just 73.3 miles away is the Safest City in Oregon

Posted on Octiber 31, 2014

Who would have thought that just over 70 miles apart would site Oregon’s safest city and Oregon’s most dangerous city?  We told you a couple months back about a study done by a security business that gave the honor of Safest City in Oregon to Baker City.  Well now a similar study has come out showing that just over 73 miles away, Ontario is now being called the most Dangerous City in Oregon.  The city of over 11 thousand has a crime rate of about 82 per one thousand residents.  Your chance of becoming a victim is one in 12.  These statistics consider both violent and property crimes.  Lincoln City, Medford, Portland, Newport, Gresham, Cottage Grove, Klamath Falls, Stayton and Salem make up the rest of the list of the Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon.

LA GRANDE, OR: People have mixed feelings on Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time the invention of Benjamin Franklin

October 31, 2014

Even though it was not put into practice in his lifetime, American inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin is often credited with being the inventor of Daylight Savings Time.  In a 1784 essay Franklin wrote that his idea was an economical project for diminishing the cost of light. He proposed the idea, although a little jokingly, to economize the use of candles by getting people out of bed earlier in the morning, making use of the natural morning light instead.

We set out on the streets to find out how people feel about Daylight Savings Time:  "I wish it was Daylight Savings Time all the time because I don’t need sunlight in my face at 5 am but I really like it at 5 pm."

"You know, it doesn’t really make any difference to me one way or the other."

"It is the most ridiculous thing, and everyone complains about the darkness, I understand saving light but it really isn’t what it was started for."

"I believe we should pick one of the two formats and stick with it."

This sunday morning at 2:00 am is the official hour in which you’re supposed to change your clocks back one hour bringing Daylight Savings Time to an end.

SALEM, OR: Be sure to check your fire alarms this weekend

Most modern detectors have a ten-year battery

Posted October 31, 2014

The official end of Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday morning at 2:00 am, and it’s about more than just setting your clocks back an hour.  The state fire marshal says this is a good time to check your smoke alarms.  Most new smoke alarms have advanced 10-year batteries and are tamper-resistant. Residents need to test their alarms before trying to change the battery.

LA GRANDE, OR: Don't forget to vote!!

It's too late to mail your ballots back

Posted October 31, 2014

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, every vote counts.  Dr. Monica Wehby was in La Grande on Wednesday, and she said it’s very important for people to educate themselves on the issues and then take action: "What we’ve got to do is get out the vote, so we want everyone to go and get their ballot turned in."

The latest polls suggest that many of the Oregon races, including those for Senate, Governor and some of the ballot measures, will come down to the wire.  If you plan on casting your ballot it’s too late to mail it back.  Ballots must be dropped off at city halls or county clerks offices by 8:00 pm Tuesday evening to be counted.  Be sure to tune in for live election night coverage Tuesday evening starting at 8:00 on this Elkhorn Media Group Station.

LA GRANDE, OR: I-84 restrictions lifted in west of La Grande

There may be occasional, short-term lane closures over the next couple weeks

The width, height, and trailer length restrictions on I-84 between Meacham and La Grande have been lifted. I-84 westbound was restricted to 14 feet in width, while I-84 eastbound was restricted to 12 feet in width. There were additional trailer length, overall length, and height restrictions in place, depending on direction of travel. In addition, the westbound on ramp from U.S. 30 to I-84 near Exit 259 (west end of La Grande) is now re-opened.  There may be occasional, short-term lane closures over the next couple weeks, but the freeway is back to two lane traffic for both eastbound and westbound freeways between mile post 260 and 246 (La Grande to Kamela Interchange).  Motor carriers should direct questions to the Over-Dimension Permits Unit at 503-373-0000. The Over-Dimension Permits Unit is available Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00 pm Pacific time, closed on state holidays, and on Wednesdays from 12:00pm  to 1:00pm Pacific time for staff meetings.

EASTERN OREGON: Check your child for head lice

Avoid myths about head lice

Posted on October 30, 2014

It is inevitable that head lice will at some point circulate around your child’s school and with recent confirmation of cases of head lice in some schools Eastern Oregon there are a couple things that you can do to help avoid your child getting head lice.  These things include avoid the sharing of combs, brushes, hair clips, accessories, hats, bike helmets, scarves and coats, and even ear buds.  If you find that your child has head lice it is important to ignore some of the old wives tales associated with lice.  Having head lice does not mean that you or your child is dirty.  Having head lice does not mean that you need to shave your head.  If you or your child does get head lice over the counter medications are available to help resolve the issue.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker football hosts Molalla, other area football games

Final night of the regular season for 2A, 1A teams

Posted October 31, 2014

The Baker football team opens the post season tonight at home against the 6-2 Molalla Indians.  You can listen to the game starting with the St. Alphonsus pregame show at 6:50 on KCMB.

It’s the final night of the regular season for both the 2A and 1A football teams.  Imbler will host Grant Union at 2:00, Elgin ends their season at home against Condon/Wheeler at 6:00 and Cove/Union will play in Enterprise at 6:00.

In 1A football, Powder Valley plays in Crane at 1:00, Pine Eagle hosts Harper/Huntington at 2:00, Wallowa plays at Adrian and Joseph hosts Dayville/Monument.

LA GRANDE, OR: Playoffs start for local volleyball, LHS boys soccer teams

La Grande and Powder Valley host matches

Posted October 31, 2014

In the opening round of the 2A volleyball playoffs, the Union girls travel Weston-McEwen for a 2:00 pm game tomorrow.  At 6:00 pm La Grande will host Banks in the 4A playoffs while in the 1A playoffs Powder Valley hosts Crane.

The La Grande boys soccer team will play in Cave Junction at noon tomorrow.

The OSAA cross country championships will be held tomorrow in Eugene.

**UPDATE** Baker City man arrested after missing girl found

Melanie Kastner was returned back to her home in Idaho

Posted on October 30, 2014

According to Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner, officials from the Elmore County, Idaho Sheriff's Office contacted them on October 17th about a missing girl that may be in the Baker City area with her cousin, Gene Kastner.  On October 29th Gene Kastner's vehicle was observed turning onto I-84 heading west.  Troopers with the Oregon State Police overtook the vehicle near North Powder and Melanie Kastner was found in the vehicle and taken into custody.  31-year-old Gene Kastner was interviewed by Detective Jay Lohner this morning, and was subsequently arrested for Custodial Interference in the First Degree which is a Class B Felony.  Gene Kastner lives at 1912 17th Street in Baker City.  Search warrants for his home and vehicle are pending.



A Mountain Home teenager is back home safe after a routine traffic stop in Baker City last week lead to an Oregon State Trooper indentifying 16-year-old Melanie Lynne Kastner.  The Elmore County Sheriff’s Office picked up Kastner and returned her back home after she was identified as the missing teen.  The Elmore County Sheriff's Office is working with the Oregon State Police and the Baker City Police Department.  The case is still under investigation at this time.

BAKER CITY, OR: Wastewater main line work to begin Monday

Your cooperation and patience is appreciated

Posted on October 30, 2014

Beginning Monday, November 3, 2014, PEC Corporation from Helena, Montana, under contract with the Baker City Public Works Department will be lining several wastewater main lines in town. The process being used is "Cast in Place Pipe" (CIPP). Benefits of this process include no excavation or surface restoration necessary, 50+ year design life, project completion with minimal disruption of service or traffic, and considerable cost savings vs. the traditional excavation method of pipeline rehabilitation or replacement. The work is expected to take up to two weeks. Work will be completed in various areas of Baker City (see list below). Cleaning and line inspection activities were recently completed. Your cooperation and patience during this project is appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Baker City Public Works (541) 523-2046 or (541) 524-2020.

Wastewater Lines to be Rehabilitated Storm water Lines to be Rehabilitated

Myrtle Street from Elm to East Broadway from Resort to the Powder River

Alley between 2nd and 3rd from Court to Washington Broadway from 4th to 5th

'H' Street from 11th to 12th Ninth Street from 'D' to 'E'

4th Street from Madison to Campbell

9th Street from Baker to Washington

5th Street from 'B' to 'C'

8th Street from 'A' to 'B'

Alley between 9th and 10th from 'A' to 'B'

'B' Street from Resort to 1st

3rd Street from 100' north of Campbell to 'B'

LA GRANDE, OR: City council passes a sales tax on marijuana

25% tax will hopefully keep dispensaries out of La Grande

Posted October 30, 2014

Despite uncertainty over whether the state will allow individual cities to collect a sales tax on marijuana, the City of La Grande now has one.  The council passed an ordinance during a special session last night to charge recreational marijuana buyers a 25% tax.  Medical marijuana users won’t pay any tax.  Councilor John Bozarth was clear on why he voted in favor of the sales tax: "I think it’s a tax on marijuana distribution and I don’t want to see marijuana distribution on Adams or anyplace in the city limits, that’s for sure."

Council Gary Lillard was one of the three councilors who voted against the tax: "I’ve always been against a sales tax just for general purposes as I think most voters in this state have been.  Over the years it’s been voted on nine times negatively."

Lillard warned the state could take action against the La Grande ordinance if it’s not in line with what the state passes.  Councilors said they were forced to pass the ordinance in advance of measure 91 because if it passes it will ban cities from taxing pot.

LA GRANDE, OR: America's middle class under siege

Dr. Wehby says she'll work across the eisle

Posted October 30, 2014

America’s middle class is under siege, and unless voters change those that makes the laws in Washington D.C. it’s only going to get worse.  That’s the message Dr. Monica Wehby brought to La Grande yesterday where she campaigned against Senator Jeff Merkley: "As  I’ve gone around the state I’ve talked to people about what is it that’s making it difficult for them to grow their businesses and the first thing I always hear is over-regulation."

Dr. Wehby says it will be important to work across the eisle to make changes that will help families.  She also something needs to be done about the affordable care act which has increased medical costs for most americans. Meanwhile Oregon has put more people on food stamps in the past six years than they’ve put back to work- and that’s led to a lack of confidence by most Oregonians according to Dr. Wehby: "We were just hearing this morning that over 80% of people think we’re headed in the wrong direction, and it’s time to turn that around and we certainly can do that."

Dr. Wehby says if she’s elected she will work across the eisle to insure changes are made to help the American family.

BAKER CITY, OR: Write in votes will likely delay final count

There are write in campaigns for two races

Posted October 30, 2014

For those who expect to know the winners of local elections Tuesday night, you may be disappointed.  Several write-in campaigns in Baker County will likely slow the entire vote counting process according to Clerk Tami Green.  There is a write in candidate for city council and one for county commission.  Those ballots will have to be counted by hand, and that means a final tally of the vote may take several days.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU men's cross country team stays 9th

EOU preparing for the conference championship meet

Posted October 30, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University men’s cross country team maintained their 9th place ranking in the latest NAIA national poll.  The team will run next weekend at the Cascade Conference Championship meet in Portland.

1 1 Oklahoma City (20) 591
2 2 Southern Oregon 571
3 3 Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) (1) 552
4 8 Tennessee Wesleyan 528
5 11 Indiana Wesleyan 508
6 4 Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 485
7 6 British Columbia 477
8 5 St. Francis (Ill.) 468
9 9 Eastern Oregon 431
10 10 Cal State San Marcos 425
11 6 Aquinas (Mich.) 424
12 12 Morningside (Iowa) 374
13 13 Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) 365
14 18 Carroll (Mont.) 324
15 RV Marian (Ind.) 315
16 16 College of Idaho 305
17 14 Taylor (Ind.) 277
18 17 Saint Mary (Kan.) 263
19 15 The Master's (Calif.) 254
20 21 Northwest Christian (Ore.) 200
21 20 Goshen (Ind.) 191
22 RV Wayland Baptist (Texas) 176
23 23 Northwestern (Iowa) 169
24 18 Indiana Tech 143
25 NR Dalton State (Ga.) 134

Others Receiving Votes: Oregon Tech, 133; Shawnee State (Ohio), 74; SCAD Savannah (Ga.), 72; Dordt (Iowa), 55; Oklahoma Baptist, 41; Vanguard (Calif.), 31; William Carey (Miss.), 29; Concordia (Ore.), 19; Concordia (Neb.), 18; Milligan (Tenn.), 16; Westmont (Calif.), 7.

LAGRANDE, OR: 24 Student-Athletes Named Academic All-Conference

3.2 GPA or better required

Posted on October 29, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University had 24 student-athletes earn U.S. Bank Academic All-CCC honors for their performances in the classroom, the conference office announced Wednesday.

To earn recognition as a CCC scholar-athlete, a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 and sophomore standing. Below are the Mountaineer athletes who have earned this honor.

Name Hometown Year Sport Major
Addie Beplate Salt Lake City, Utah Jr. Women's Soccer Pre-Law
Tylo Colflesh Heyburn, Idaho So. Volleyball Anthropology/Sociology
Calvin Edwards Wasilla, Alaska SR. Cross Country Anthropology/Sociology
Haley Hill Boise, Idaho Jr. Women's Soccer English
Katherine Hood Lake Tapps, Wash. So. Women's Soccer Biology
Annie Konrad Boise, Idaho So. Women's Soccer Pre-Medicine
Casey Loper Powell Butte, Ore. Sr. Volleyball Psychology
Audrey Love La Grande, Ore. Jr. Cross Country Anthropology/Sociology
Nic Maszk Baker, Ore. So. Cross Country Pre-Medicine
Sydney Nelson Colbert, Wash. Jr. Women's Soccer Mathematics
Jessica Parker Boise, Idaho So. Women's Soccer Psychology
Danielle Robinson Auburn, Wash. Jr. Women's Soccer Biochemistry
Hans Roelle Anchorage, Alaska Sr. Cross Country Computer Science
Rachel Roelle Anchorage, Alasak So. Cross Country Undeclared
Kody Schriver Kalama, Wash. Jr. Cross Country Business Administration
Jessalyn Smith Boise, Idaho Sr. Volleyball Business Administration
Stefani Sorensen Camas, Wash. Sr Volleyball Biochemistry
Jordine Steemers Sierra Vista, Ariz. Sr. W. Cross Country Biochemistry
Bobbi Sumpter Boise, Idaho Sr. Volleyball Business Administration
Gus Titus Burns, Idaho Sr. M Cross Country Rangeland Management
Shelby Tucker Hyrum, Utah Sr. W Soccer Business Administration
Kasandra Tuma Demascus, Ore. So. Volleyball Business Administration
Kalley Wilson Copper Center, Alaska Sr W Cross Country Biology/Pre-Vet.
Tyler Zyph Pendelton, Ore. Sr. M Cross Country Physical Activity/Health


PENDLETON, OR: Grand Jury to hear EOCI beating case

Assault ended in the shooting death of one inmate

Posted October 29, 2014

Last week we told you that a Umatilla County grand jury will hear the case of an officer involved shooting at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Facility- but it won’t be the only case from that incident the grand jury will hear.  District Attorney Dan Primus said yesterday that the assault that prompted the shooting will also be presented.  Two inmates began beating a third inmate.  Officers ordered them to stop but one of the inmates, Jayson Withers, continued the assault and was shot.  The other inmate involved could face more charges depending on the jury’s decision.

LA GRANDE, OR: Some steps you can take to protect from the flu

Vaccine still the best protection

Posted October 29, 2014

When it comes to the flu virus, no one thing is going to protect us completely.  While the flu vaccine is the best way to defend yourself and others from the spread of the virus, there are other steps you need to take according to Andi Walsh with the Center for Human Development- including one big one: "Always wash your hands after you’ve come in contact with people, after you’ve been in a public area, restrooms, if you have symptoms of a cold, if you’re sneezing."

If you have a cough, make sure you cough into your elbow.  Walsh says there’s an important thing to remember that will help protect those around you: "If you have a fever, stay home.   Do not come into contact with other folks until 24 hours after the fever breaks."

If you’re a business owner concerned about how a flu outbreak might impact your business, Walsh says you should consider holding a flu clinic for your employees.  To find out more, call the Center for Human Development at 962-8800 or log on to www.chdinc.org

BAKER CITY, OR: Farm to School teaches kids nutrition hands-on

Many schools growing their own gardens

Posted October 29, 2014

Getting healthy, fresh produce in front of school children pays dividends on many levels according to Amy Gilroy with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  Oregon is one of the national leaders in the Farm to School program which accomplishes several goals at once: "To teach children where their food comes from, how to grow food and how to prepare healthful food together."

One of the districts participating in the program is in North Powder where students grew their own potatoes last year which are now being used in a potato bar.  More than half of the districts in Oregon participate in the program at some level:  "Our model has really been quite comprehensive.  From sourcing local Oregon products, garden-based nutrition education to family engagement components."

The program encourages kids to learn by doing and then take that knowledge home to their families.  714 schools across the state participate in the program including in Enterprise where the districts Magic Garden produces tomatoes that were used in making spaghetti sauce for the school.

LA GRANDE, OR: 66th annual Farmers/Merchants Banquet held

Local agriculture producers honored

Posted October 29, 2014

 The 66th annual Farmers/Merchants Banquet was held at the Blue Mountain Conference Center in La Grande last night to honor those involved in agriculture.  Honored were John and Dian Frisch as Conservation Farm-of-the-Year, Kurt Bowman was named Young Farmer-of-the-Year, Donna Beverage was the Ag Woman-of-the-Year, Jim Voelz won the Good Steward Award, Harlan Scott was named Tree Farmer-of-the-Year and Bill Howell won the Distinguished Service to Union County Agriculture Award.

BAKER CITY, OR: New Wallowa Whitman Forest Supervisor named

Montoya will begin November 2nd

Posted October 28, 2014

Pacific Northwest Regional Forester Jim Pena has announced that Tom Montoya will be the new head of the Wallowa Whitman National Forest.  Montoya has nearly thirty years experience with the Forest Service with degrees in both fisheries and range sciences.  Montoya was most recently the District Forester for the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Eastern Idaho.  Pena says Tom is a proven leader and will do an outstanding job of leading the Wallowa Whitman.  Montoya will start in Baker City on November 2nd.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU volleyball team falls in the polls

Loss to Concordia hurts the Lady Mountaineers

Posted October 29, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University volleyball team fell five spots after Saturday’s upset loss to Concordia University.  The Lady Mountaineers are ranked 13th as they enter the final weekend of the regular season.

1 1 Rocky Mountain (Mont.) (22) 22-2 622
2 2 Park (Mo.) 27-0 602
3 T3 Concordia (Calif.) 26-2 575
4 5 Biola (Calif.) 22-4 569
5 3 Texas at Brownsville 25-4 539
6 6 Northwestern (Iowa) 26-2 524
7 7 Missouri Baptist 28-2 503
8 13 Columbia (Mo.) 29-4 456
9 12 Midland (Neb.) 21-5 435
10 10 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 26-2 422
11 11 Southern Oregon 19-3 410
12 9 Viterbo (Wis.) 31-7 409
13 8 Eastern Oregon 22-3 406
14 T15 Grand View (Iowa) 22-12 356
15 14 Davenport (Mich.) 25-7 355
16 17 Georgetown (Ky.) 23-9 330
17 T15 Madonna (Mich.) 29-5 321
18 18 Jamestown (N.D.) 19-6 282
19 22 Wayland Baptist (Texas) 17-9 231
20 RV Indiana Wesleyan 26-7 198
21 24 Vanguard (Calif.) 19-10 196
22 RV MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) 17-11 173
23 20 Oklahoma Baptist 20-8 171
24 25 Cal State San Marcos 20-10 157
25 23 Coastal Georgia 24-1 156

Others receiving votes: Evangel (Mo.) 116; Concordia (Ore.) 90; Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 81; Dordt (Iowa) 39; Trinity Christian (Ill.) 38; Bryan (Tenn.) 33; St. Thomas (Fla.) 22; Concordia (Neb.) 17; Ashford (Iowa) 16; Northwestern Ohio 12; The Master's (Calif.) 9; St. Catharine (Ky.) 9; Point Park (Pa.) 6; Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) 4; Graceland (Iowa) 3; College of Idaho 3; Oklahoma City 3.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU women's basketball ranked 25th nationally

EOU one of two Cascade Conference teams in the poll

Posted October 29, 2014

The first poll of the NAIA women’s basketball season is out, and Eastern Oregon University is ranked 25th in the nation.  They’re one of two Cascade Conference teams in the poll- Southern Oregon is ranked 21st.

1 1 Saint Francis (Ind.) (14) 38-0 374
2 4 Morningside (Iowa) 29-7 352
3 9 Indiana Wesleyan 27-8 343
4 2 Davenport (Mich.) 34-2 339
5 7 Hastings (Neb.) 28-6 313
6 16 Saint Xavier (Ill.) 27-6 309
7 5 Jamestown (N.D.) 27-4 308
8 11 College of Saint Mary (Neb.) 27-6 282
9 13 Concordia (Neb.) 25-8 251
10 12 Purdue Calumet (Ind.) 24-7 240
11 13 College of the Ozarks (Mo.) 27-10 238
12 8 Cardinal Stritch (Wis.) 27-7 235
13 6 Southwestern (Kan.) 30-5 234
13 23 Friends (Kan.) 25-8 234
15 3 Northwestern (Iowa) 29-5 223
16 15 Siena Heights (Mich.) 26-9 206
17 10 Mayville State (N.D.) 25-4 186
18 18 Menlo (Calif.) 25-6 158
19 17 Huntington (Ind.) 23-8 156
20 19 St. Ambrose (Iowa) 26-6 141
21 RV Southern Oregon 25-8 140
22 22 Tennessee Wesleyan 24-5 130
23 RV Oklahoma Wesleyan 21-12 86
24 25 Cornerstone (Mich.) 22-10 76
25 24 Eastern Oregon 23-10 71

^ DII Women's Basketball Coaches' Postseason Top 25 Poll (March 26, 2014)

Others Receiving Votes: Union (Ky.), 65; Tabor (Kan.), 63; Point Park (Pa.), 59; Indiana South Bend, 42;Mount Mercy (Iowa), 23; St. Thomas (Fla.), 16; Bryan (Tenn.), 9; Rio Grande (Ohio), 9; Indiana Northwest, 8;Midland (Neb.), 7; Ave Maria (Fla.), 6; Robert Morris (Ill.), 5; Briar Cliff (Iowa), 5; Grace (Ind.), 3.

LA GRANDE, OR: One week until election day- some tips on voting

Voter returns running higher than normal

Posted October 28, 2014

If you want your vote to count in the November election, you’ve got one week to get those ballots turned in.  So far voter turnout has been strong in Northeast Oregon.  27% of ballots have been returned in Baker County and 22% in Union County- both slightly higher than in normal election cycles.  Union County Clerk Robin Church says there are a few things to remember when you vote: "Be sure to sign your ballot return envelope- the goldenrod envelope.  And don’t get fancy.  Sign your normal signature how you signed your voter registration card.  We verify every single one."

Also, remember to use blue or black ink or a pencil and fill in the circle completely.  Church says you should also take care of the ballot: "Try not to spill your cup of coffee on it.  The ballot counter really doesn’t like it when they’ve had coffee or soda spilled on it."

Church says if you forget to put the ballot in the white secrecy envelope return the ballot anyway- the clerks office will still accept it.  You have until 8:00 pm next Tuesday evening to return your ballots.

BAKER CITY, OR: Beef for Schools program helps provide good lunches

59% of Baker 5J students get free lunch

Posted October 28, 2014

59% of families in the Baker 5J School District qualify for a free or reduced school lunches, but what does that mean and how does that effect children? "Gives these kids that are less fortune the food and the fuel that they need to get the education that we are trying to provide."

Baker School District Food Service Director Jessica Wickert says that statistically children who don’t regularly receive nutritious meals often miss more school due to illness, which can lead to a spiral effect through life and into the job market.  Protein in a child’s diet helps their bodies repair and make new cells which is essential in children as they grow, and the district is fortunate to have the Beef for Schools program to help according to Wickert: "Allows us to have a lot more beef in the schools, protein,  then we can use our commodity dollars on other schools a lot of schools use their commodity dollars which comes from the USDA."

Those funds that don’t have to be used on proteins such as beef can be used for more fresh fruits and vegetables and other items to ensure that children are receiving the proper nutrition they need.

MEACHAM, OR: OSP still looking for tips on I-84 robbery

Investigators don't have much to go on

Posted October 28, 2014

A week after two men beat and robbed a Boise man stopped along I-84 at Deadman’s Pass and investigators are still hoping for a tip that can break the case.  Lt. Mike Turner with the Oregon State Police says they don’t have much to go on, and, at this point, it’s going to take information from the public to advance the investigation.  The victim was able to give only a partial description of the two men- one had a beard, one a mustache.  And he didn’t get a license plate number on the maroon Ford Mustang- only that it was from California.  Anyone with any information on the case is asked to call the Oregon State Police.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU football team back in the top 25

Mountaineers one of four conference teams in the poll

Posted October 28, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University football team is back in the top 25 after their impressive win over Montana Northern Saturday.  The latest NAIA national poll has the Mountaineers ranked 23rd.  They host Montana Tech this weekend.

1 1 Morningside (Iowa) (15) 7-0 340
2 3 Carroll (Mont.) 6-1 327
3 4 Grand View (Iowa) 7-1 313
4 5 Faulkner (Ala.) 7-1 291
T5 7 Southern Oregon 7-1 283
T5 6 Georgetown (Ky.) 6-1 283
7 2 Baker (Kan.) 7-1 259
8 8 Northwestern (Iowa) 6-1 249
9 9 Saint Xavier (Ill.) 5-2 244
10 10 Missouri Valley 5-2 218
11 14 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 6-2 208
12 15 Cumberland (Tenn.) 6-2 196
13 16 Marian (Ind.) 5-2 184
14 20 MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) 6-1 162
15 17 Ottawa (Kan.) 6-2 158
16 11 William Penn (Iowa) 5-3 134
17 19 Valley City State (N.D.) 7-1 133
18 12 Robert Morris (Ill.) 6-2 120
19 21 Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 6-2 109
20 22 Friends (Kan.) 6-2 101
21 13 Rocky Mountain (Mont.) 5-3 89
22 24 Benedictine (Kan.) 5-3 64
23 RV Eastern Oregon 5-3 51
24 18 Tabor (Kan.) 5-3 33
25 RV Langston (Okla.) 4-3 13

Others Receiving Votes: Campbellsville (Ky.) 12; Reinhardt (Ga.) 8; Siena Heights (Mich.) 3; Montana Western 3.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU kicker honored by the Frontier Conference

David a perfect 10-of-10 on extra points Saturday

Posted October 28, 2014

Eastern Oregon University kicker Marc David was a perfect ten-for-ten on extra points in Saturday’s 70-21 win over Montana Northern, and that earned him the Frontier Conference Special Teams Player-of-the-Week award.  He also averaged 41.5 yards on six punts.

Photo courtesy of EOU SID Travis Rae

LA GRANDE, OR: 19 year old Milton Freewater arrested for UUMV

Car was stolen from Pendleton

Posted on October 27, 2014

A car stolen in Pendleton was seen doing 75mph in a 55mph construction zone outside of La Grande about 9:45 this morning. The Oregon State Police stopped the car near La Grande. Dispatch confirmed to the trooper that the car was stolen from Pendleton this morning. The driver was 19 year old Sarah E Gardner and the passenger was 28 year old Arturo Garcia Lara, both from Milton Freewater. Gardner was arrested and charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

NORTHEASTERN OREGON: Prescribed burns in area

Precribed burns today

Posted on October 27, 2014

A couple of prescribed burns are scheduled for today in the area. The first is twelve miles NW of La Grande in the Summit Guard Station area. The size is 30 acres. The other one is nine miles werst of Troy in the Long Meadows area. It is 41 acres in size.

BAKER CITY, OR: School lunch program about more than food

Hunger can lead to learning problems

Posted October 27, 2014

16 million children nationally struggle daily with hunger.  This statistic alone shows the importance that school lunch programs play in the health of children.  But what some people don’t know is that the school lunch program offers more than just a nutritious lunch to children according to Jessica Wickert, Food Service Director with the Baker 5J School District:  "The school lunch program offers breakfast and lunch and we also have an after school snack program."

Studies show that missing meals and dealing with the effects of hunger harm children in more ways than just being hungry.  Hunger issues can effect learning and concentration and be a continued problem through their academic careers.  Many families rely on school lunch programs to ensure that their children are getting proper nutrients.  Lack of sufficient nutrition is more damaging over time than most people think according to Wickert:  "The effects that that has is pretty huge, kids can’t focus and often get sick a lot more often which then leads to missing days of school."

Schools offering breakfast, lunches and even snacks can get children the food they desperately need to stay healthy both physically and mentally which in turn can help them stay focused on their education.

BAKER CITY, OR: UV Treatment plant nears completion

Plant on schedule to begin operating this year

Posted October 27, 2014

Baker City is inching closer to having the UV Treatment plant on line.  Last week electrical crews worked to connect the various pieces of the new UV reactor to the control panels that will enable operators to control the different systems.  Those control panels will be installed this week.  Officials say the UV Treatment plant is on schedule to start operating by the end of the year.

LA GRANDE, OR: Volleyball playoffs begin, Baker eliminated

La Grande will host Banks in opening round

Posted October 27, 2014

In the 4A volleyball play-in round Estacada eliminated Baker in straight sets 25-20, 25-16 and 25-13.  La Grande will host Banks in the first round of the OSAA 4A playoffs on Saturday- the winner goes to the final tournament.  Union qaulified for the 2A playoffs as runner up from the Wapiti District and will find out who they play later this week.  In the 1A play-in round Pine Eagle will play at Crane.  Powder Valley gets a bye after winning the league title.

BAKER CITY, OR: Special Olympic swimmers shine at meet

Team members get two golds and a silver

Posted October 27, 2014

Baker Special Olympics Aquatics Team results from Mt. Hood Community College:

Caitlyn Calaway 100 meter IM, first place- gold medal. 100 meter freestyle, second place-silver medal.

Janet Stout 50 meter freestyle, first place-gold medal.

Sherri Koeff 50 meter backstroke, third place-bronze medal. 25 meter backstroke, 5th place.

Emily Moe 50 meter backstroke, 4th place. 50 meter freestyle, 5th place.

Jennifer Pease 25 meter backstroke, 4th place. 50 meter freestyle, 6th place.

Molly Hirsh 25 meter backstroke, 4th place. 50 meter backstroke, 3rd place-bronze medal.

Coach is Paula Moe and assistant coach is Melanie Brown.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker to host Molalla in 4A football play-in round

Bulldogs beat Ontario to take GOL 2nd seed

Posted October 26, 2014

After beating Ontario 42-35 Friday night, the Baker Bulldogs earned the Greater Oregon League's 2nd seed into the OSAA 4A playoffs.  They will host Molalla Friday night at 7:00 at Bulldog Memorial Stadium.  The Indians are the 3rd seed from the Tri-Valley Conference and have a 6-2 overall record.  They were 3-2 in conference play.  Baker finished the regular season 3-5 overall and 2-1 in Greater Oregon League play.  You can listen to the game on KCMB.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU volleyball surprised by Concordia

Only the second conference loss for EOU

Posted October 27, 2014

The 8th ranked Eastern Oregon University volleyball team was shocked by unranked Concordia in Portland Saturday night, losing 3-1 to the Lady Cavaliers.  EOU lost 20-25, 25-22, 20-25 and 11-25.  It was only the second loss of the conference season for the Lady Mountaineers.  They will host Oregon Tech and Southern Oregon to end the regular season this weekend. 

EASTERN OREGON: Friday sports scores

Football and Volleyball scores

Posted on October 24, 2014


Elgin 56 def Ione 16

Vale 20 def Nyssa 0

Wallowa 46 def Joseph 6

Imbler 46 def Enterprise 0

Burns 53 def Union/Cove 7

Harper/Huntington 56 def Jordan Valley 24


Heppner 3 def Weston McEwen 2

Pilot Rock 3 def Stanfield 0

Culver 3 Pilot Rock 0

BAKER CITY, OR: Bulldogs hold on for win against Ontario

Bulldogs will have a play-in game next week

Posted on October 24, 2014

The Baker Bulldogs held on for a win against the Ontario Tigers friday night 42 to 35 to grab second place in the GOL. The Bulldogs were led by Porter Cline who rushed 23 times for 234 yards and five touchdowns. The Bulldogs also had a strong finish by the defense to capture the win. Ontario was led ny Ben Turner who rushed for 167 yards and three touchdowns. The Baker Bulldogs will host a play-in game next week.

MILTON FREEWATER, OR: Tigers roll over Mac-Hi

La Grande Tigers football team are GOL Champions

Posted on October 24, 2014

The La Grande Tigers rolled past the Mac-Hi Pioneers friday night 68 to 24 to win the GOL title. The Tigers were led by Andrew Peasley who had four rushes for 51 yards. Brandon Dall completed 13 of 14 passes for the Tigers for 395 yards. La Grande will have a bye week before starting the playoffs.

MEACHAM, OR: Truck fire closes eastbound lanes for period of time

Cause of fire unknown

Posted on October 24, 2014

I-84 Meacham at milepost 238 was closed for a period of time this afternoon after a semi-truck caught fire.  Calls went out and emergency crews responded.  The truck was quickly engulfed in flames requiring all traffic traveling in the eastbound lanes to be stopped until the fire could be handled.  Both lanes of travel were reopened at approximately 6:00pm after being closed for just over an hour.  No information has been released about the cause of the fire or if the driver sustained any injuries.

BAKER CITY, OR: Semi-truck hauling hay overturns on I-84, exit 302

No injuries were reported 

Posted on October 24, 2014

A semi-truck caused some traffic headaches in Baker City early this morning after rolling onto its side around mile post 302.  At approximately 1:40 am a semi-truck pulling a trailer loaded with hay went off the road and over turned according to Lieutenant Gregg Hastings with the Oregon State Police.  The accident took place in the westbound lanes of I-84 and closed one lane of travel down while crews worked to clean up the mess.  No injuries were reported according to Oregon State Police.

LA GRANDE, OR: Local coffee shop owners feels invaded after break-in

Thieves broke out a window and stole cash

Posted on October 24, 2014

“A complete invasion of privacy,” That is what Jenna Russell owner of Antlers Espresso in La Grande had to say about a break-in that took place this week.  Similar to other recent break-ins in recent day’s thieves broke in through a window and stole cash.  No major damage was done to the business other than a broken window according to Russell.  She also mentioned that “It’s too bad this stuff happens in such a small town, hopefully the cops are doing everything they can.” 

Antlers espresso was one of at least seven break-ins that happened early Thursday morning in la Grande, with five more happening over this past weekend.  If you have any details about who may behind this you are asked to call the La Grande Police Department.

BAKER CITY, OR: BCPD concludes final High Visibility Campaign for the year

Law enforcement agencies throughout Oregon participated in this nationwide campaign

Posted on October 24, 2014

The Baker City Police Department concluded its final High Visibility Enforcement Campaign during Labor Day Weekend, in an attempt to reduce the number of impaired drivers on our roadways. This completed the fifth such campaign in the last ten months.  Law enforcement agencies throughout Oregon participated in this nationwide effort to get more impaired drivers off the street. In 2009 alone, 10,839 people died in crashes in which a driver or motorcycle rider was at or above the legal limit. The Baker City Police Department asks that all our citizens drink responsibly, buckle up and keep our roadways safe.

 For more information, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at http://www.nhtsa.gov and their national crackdown campaign headquarters.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker 5J still working kinks out of new alarm system

Yesterday's panic alarm was a false alarm

Posted October 24, 2014

After a panic alarm sounded yesterday morning at Brooklyn Elementary in Baker City, responders- which included school district staff and law enforcement- went into action to identify the reason for the alarm.  Baker 5J School District Business Manager Doug Dalton: "This was an activation by one of our wireless hand held units that staff have with them.  That is what launched the system, inadvertently; there is not a threat of any kind at school.  This was an accidental launch of the system."

Growing pains are common when it comes to dealing with new things such as security systems according to Dalton: "Not a lot of schools have these systems and we are going to have some growing pains and learning but we are trying to do it quickly and thoughtfully."

Dalton says that the school district is working towards a resolution to ensure that the system is not accidently activated in the future.

LA GRANDE, OR: New Vo Tech center part of LG school bond

Center would for students and adults

Posted October 24, 2014

Passing the proposed La Grande School District bond levy could be good for the future of Union Counties economy.  One of the problems that potential employers often cite is the lack of a skilled work force- high school graduates ready for a career.  Jeff Crews is one of those backing the bond: "We need a better way for people to be able to learn vocational skills both in high school as well as to have opportunities to partner in the community with private business to be able to help the education to be able to go on for adults into the future."

That lack of vocational education opportunities hurts the area according to an economic consultant that visited la grande earlier this year: "In the first fifteen minutes when he was asking ‘where’s your vocational training, how are people going to learn how to weld and do mechanical things to maintain the manufacturing operations that we want to have here."

That’s one issue that would be solved if the proposed $31.8 million La Grande school bond passes in November.  Part of the bond would help build a vo tech building at La Grande High School to train both high school students and adults.

LA GRANDE, OR: Fire season comes to an end in NE Oregon

Landowners still need to use caution while burning

Posted October 24, 2014

The fire season is officially over in Union, Baker, Wallowa, Umatilla, Grant, Malhuer and Morrow counties.  Officials with the Department of Forestry made the announcement yesterday afternoon thanks to the wet weather that’s settled into the region.  The end of fire season doesn’t ease landowners responsibility, however, when it comes to burning slash and debris piles which need to be watched.

LA GRANDE, OR: Record number enrolled in Eastern Promise

Program prepares kids to go to college

Posted October 24, 2014

A record number of students are taking advantage of the Eastern Promise program.  3,550 students have enrolled in the program which is designed to help kids in the 5th through 8th grades get ready for college.  Forty-two schools in Eastern Oregon are participating.  In the program, 5th graders get a field trip to Eastern Oregon University to see what college is like.  They make trips to one of the regions two community colleges in the 7th grade.  Teachers in participating districts also undergo training to help lead their students through the program.

LA GRANDE, OR: School parents concerned about head lice

Parents need to check their children

Posted October 24, 2014

Several parents of children at schools in the La Grande are reporting cases of head lice among students.  Officials suggest you check your childs head carefully to make sure they’re not affected.  You need to also teach your children not to share combs, brushes or hats with other students.

BAKER CITY, OR: Greater Oregon League, EOU soccer scores

La Grande girls hold onto 1st place

Posted October 24, 2014

In Greater Oregon League soccer action yesterday the La Grande boys played Ontario to a 1-1 draw and the Mac Hi boys beat Baker 6-0.  In girls action La Grande beat Ontario 4-1 and Mac Hi beat Baker 3-0.  The Eastern soccer team lost to Northwest Christian 1-0.

LA GRANDE, OR: Final night of football for the GOL, other HS schedules

GOL playoffs still to be decided

Posted October 24, 2014

It’s the final night of the regular season for Greater Oregon League football teams and the league title is still up for grabs.  Baker will host Ontario in a battle for the playoffs.  You can listen to the game starting with the St. Alphonsus pregame show at 6:50 on KCMB.  La Grande travels to Mac Hi.  Listen to the game starting with the Les Schwab Tire Pregame show at 6:50 on NewsTalk 103.

In other high school games today Imbler will host Enterprise at 2:00, Union/Cove will host Burns at 7:00, Elgin travels to Ione, Pine Eagle plays in Echo and Joseph is at Wallowa.

DEADMAN PASS: Police searching for two male suspects

Men are suspected of robbing another man

Posted on October 23, 2014

Oregon State Police is asking for the public's to identify two men suspected of robbing another man Wednesday night after he stopped to inspect his vehicle in the Deadman Pass area along Interstate 84 east of Pendleton.   On October 22, 2014 at approximately 8:35 p.m., a 34-year old Boise, Idaho man stopped his black Subaru passenger car along the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 near milepost 227 to inspect what he believed was a flat tire. While stopped and outside of his vehicle, the victim reported that a maroon 1990s Ford Mustang displaying unknown California license plate stopped behind his vehicle. The two men got out and assaulted the victim, stealing his wallet. The men ran back to their car and drove away westbound.   Both suspects were described as white males, age 35 - 40, approximately 5'10" tall and weighing about 200 pounds. One suspect was reported to have dark hair, a beard, and was wearing a red plaid flannel shirt. The second suspect was reported to have dark hair, a moustache, and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The victim received minor injuries not requiring medical treatment.

Anyone with who may have been traveling through the area at the time with information about this case is requested to call OSP dispatch at (541) 276-2121. Lead investigator is Senior Trooper Dan Chichester.

ELGIN, OR: High school cleared after possible gas leak

Avista Utility confirmed that there was no gas leak

Posted on October 23, 2014

Elgin High School was on high alert this morning after reports of a possible natural gas leak.  According to a member of the school staff, the Elgin Fire Department was notified and students and staff were evacuated to Stella Mayfield Elementary while the Elgin Fire Department cleared the area.  Avista utility was called to do a second check of the school just as a precautionary measure. Officials have reported that the school has been cleared with no gas leaks.  Staff and students have since been returned to the high school.

BAKER CITY, OR: Panic alarm quickly determined to be a false alarm

Scene was cleared just before 9:00 am

Posted on October 23, 2014

A panic alarm was activated at Brooklyn Elementary School in Baker City this morning.  School officials and law enforcement responded to the scene and quickly determined that the alarm was a false alarm and the area was cleared just a few minutes before 9:00 am according to Baker City Police Chief Wynn Lohner.

LA GRANDE, OR: Burglary victim: Suspects know what they're doing

Police officers on scene within minutes

Posted October 23, 2014

The security alarm at AC Power Sports started blaring at 3:32.  Owner Cody Richelderfer was inside the store within two minutes but the cash register- and the thieves- were already gone.  Officers from the La Grande Police Department were also on the scene within minutes and then searched La Grande finding more break ins.  Richelderfer has some advice for other business owners: Aybody that has any game cameras or any type of motion cameras or whatever lying around should hang them up.  Getting a vehicle would be huge.  It’s hard to get a good shot of a person with a hoodie on."

The suspects may already be on video casing the businesses.  Cody says the thieves got away with his entire cash register which is more valuable than the $300 inside.

LA GRANDE, OR: Seven more businesses burglarized in La Grande

Cash and alcohol stolen

Posted October 23, 2014

Seven more La Grande businesses fell victim to thieves last night.  Lt. Derrick Reddington with the La Grande Police Department said an alarm sounded at AC Power Sports about 3:30 this morning.  Officers then checked other businesses in town and found other break ins.  Also hit were the Smokehouse, Moy’s, Nells-N-Out, El Erradero, Cinco de Mayo and Antler’s Espresso.  Lt. Reddington says they do have some leads: "We do have some video.  You know, the suspects are obviously concealing themselves making it a little bit difficult."

Like last weekends break ins, entry was gained through windows and side doors.  The only things taken were cash and a little alcohol.  Anyone with any information on the burglaries is asked to call the La Grande Police Department.

LA GRANDE, OR: Healthy people need the flu vaccine, too

Healthy people are the spreaders of the flu

Posted October 23, 2014

As the fall wears on, Oregonians can expect to see an increase in the number of cases of one of the worst viral killers in the world.  Cases of the flu peak in Oregon in January, but already the state has seen a rise in the number of cases this fall.  Health officials recommend that everyone over the age of six months get a flu vaccine, even those that think they’re healthy according to Andi Walsh with the Center for Human Development: "If you’re young and you have a healthy metabolism or you’ve got a healthy immune system- you feel that you’re not at risk.  However, you are the perfect vector to infect somebody else."

Walsh says the more people that are vaccinated the less the flu virus will spread.  Walsh says there are a very few people who shouldn’t get vaccinated: "If you do have some health conditions that prevent you from getting it we ask that you not get it- and that’s where that herd immunity comes into effect."

To find out more about the flu vaccine, contact the Center for Human Development.

LA GRANDE, OR: Road construction season nearing an end

I-84 onramp West of La Grande to reopen

Posted October 23, 2014

Drivers rejoice- the road construction season is nearly over.  ODOT spokesman Tom Strandberg says crews are finishing up their projects and the traffic cones and equipment will soon be gone- at least for a few months.  Strandberg says the freeway onramp at the west end of La Grande will reopen by the end of October.  Motorists will then have a new concrete paved lane to drive on.  Strandberg says that project will continue next spring: "Next year they’ll continue to run the pavement upgrades from Hilgard State Park up to Spring Creek Grade where they’ll also install the third truck lane."

More than 400 lane miles of roads in Northeast Oregon received some type of work this summer according to Strandberg.  The biggest of the projects was the concrete repaving project west of La Grande: "That new concrete is like a foot thick and runs for seven or eight miles in the slow lane of the east and west bound freeway, so it’s going to be nice and durable for a long, long time."

Strandberg says two chipseal projects- one between La Grande and Union and one in Baker County, have been postponed until next year.

BAKER CITY, OR: School board votes against approval of Achievement Compact

The outcome was a 3-2 vote

Posted on October 22, 2014

The vote was against approving the state mandated Achievement Compact in relation to Common Core.  That was the decision last night after a 3-2 vote by the Baker 5J School District Board, but what is the Achievement Compact?  Superintendant Walt Wegener explains, “The achievement compact is a statute required approval, of a spreadsheet basically, that has a whole bunch of data points on it and then asperational goals.”  What does that mean in plain English?  Wegener says that it means that by 2025, every student in every subject on the achievement compact which is basically English and Math have to be at benchmark. 

BAKER CITY, OR: Greater Oregon League soccer nears the home stretch

Today's games could decide league titles

Posted October 23, 2014

The Greater Oregon League soccer schedule has some big games on tap for this afternoon.  La Grande will travel to Ontario where the boys and girls are both working to stay in league title contention.  Baker will travel to Mac Hi where they can help decide the league title with wins.  The boys play at 2:00, the girls at 4:00.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU men's cross country up to 9th

Men jump two spots after Inland Empire win

Posted October 23, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University men's cross country team jumped two spots in the latest NAIA national poll from 11th to 9th.  The Mountaineers won the Inland Empire meet last Saturday.  Southern Oregon University remains the highest ranked team in the Cascade Conference at #2.

1 1 Oklahoma City (20) 621
2 2 Southern Oregon (1) 602
3 3 Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) (1) 574
4 4 Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 566
5 5 St. Francis (Ill.) 534
6 7 British Columbia 511
6 6 Aquinas (Mich.) 511
8 8 Tennessee Wesleyan 471
9 11 Eastern Oregon 452
10 9 Cal State San Marcos 450
11 10 Indiana Wesleyan 444
12 12 Morningside (Iowa) 385
13 NR Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) 381
14 13 Taylor (Ind.) 360
15 21 The Master's (Calif.) 324
16 14 College of Idaho 314
17 15 Saint Mary (Kan.) 292
18 NR Carroll (Mont.) 285
19 16 Indiana Tech 259
20 17 Goshen (Ind.) 244
21 23 Northwest Christian (Ore.) 217
22 20 Shawnee State (Ohio) 206
23 22 Northwestern (Iowa) 163
24 19 Oregon Tech 155
25 18 Vanguard (Calif.) 152

Others Receiving Votes: Marian (Ind.), 127; Oklahoma Baptist, 101; Concordia (Ore.), 71; Dordt (Iowa), 57; Westmont (Calif.), 46; SCAD Savannah (Ga.), 21; Milligan (Tenn.), 20; Concordia (Neb.), 16; William Carey (Miss.), 8; Wayland Baptist (Texas), 5; Arizona Christian, 4.

LA GRANDE, OR: Rip City comes to La Grande bearing gifts

Blazers donate playground equipment to La Grande

Posted October 22, 2014

La Grande became Rip City- at least for a day.  The Portland Trailblazers kicked off a statewide tour yesterday in Northeast Oregon setting up a court on Adams Avenue and bringing celebrities such as retired Blazer Jerome Kersey to town.  La Grande Parks Director Stu Spence said their visit had another side to it as well: "They provided some amazing playground equipment over at Birnie Park we opened up today.  It really completes that project- it’s really generous."

MODA Health, which has an office in La Grande, partnered with the Blazers on the project. Young fans like Michael Vera got a rare treat- to play ball with a former Blazer: "The basketball- and that Jerome Kersey’s here.  My whole family is Blazers fanatics."


BAKER CITY, OR: Forest Service ruining wildlife, jobs

Policies are keeping people out of the forests

Posted October 22, 2014

The Forest Service is destroying wildlife and wilderness by closing roads.  That was one opinion at a panel meeting that took place in La Grande this week.  Closing access roads does more than just keep recreationalists out of the forest- it also creates less jobs for logging, mining and more according to Baker County resident and Jefferson Mining District Coordinating Officer Arthur Sappington: "We are now destroying more wildlife including endangered species that they are quote supposedly trying to protect by lack of management and closing roads to that can’t get out there."

Can a compromise be reached in regards to public access?  Some believe that when it all comes down to the bottom line, what will determine the final answer is votes and how much of a voice can be heard from producers not just the consumers.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker County exceeds statewide drop in unemployment

Union and Wallowa Counties also exceeds the state average

Posted October 22, 2014

The overall statewide unemployment rate has fallen half-a-percent so far in 2014, but many individual counties have exceeded that rate according to the Oregon Employment Department.  Union County has seen its unemployment rate drop by just over the state average while Baker and Wallowa Counties have done even better dropping seven-tenths of a percent.  The only Eastern Oregon County that hasn’t seen a drop in the unemployment rate so far this year is Malheur County which has seen a tenth-of-a-percent rise.

LA GRANDE, OR: LHS soccer teams beat Baker

Girls maintain first place in the GOL

Posted October 22, 2014

The La Grande boys beat Baker 5-0 in Greater Oregon League play to keep pace with Ontario and Mac Hi in the race for the playoffs.  The La Grande girls won 7-1 and continue to be in first place in the league standings.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU volleyball moves to highest ever ranking

EOU the highest ranked Cascade Conference team

Posted October 22, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University volleyball team moved into unchartered territory yesterday.  The latest NAIA national poll has the Lady Mountaineers ranked 8th- the highest ever ranking in school history.

1 1 Rocky Mountain (Mont.) (21) 20-2 591
2 3 Park (Mo.) 25-0 572
T3 2 Concordia (Calif.) 22-2 536
T3 4 Texas at Brownsville 25-2 536
5 5 Biola (Calif.) 19-4 529
6 6 Northwestern (Iowa) 23-2 497
7 12 Missouri Baptist 27-1 453
8 9 Eastern Oregon 21-2 435
9 7 Viterbo (Wis.) 28-4 427
10 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 25-2 424
11 10 Southern Oregon 17-3 404
12 11 Midland (Neb.) 18-5 400
13 14 Columbia (Mo.) 24-4 367
14 13 Davenport (Mich.) 22-5 348
T15 18 Grand View (Iowa) 21-12 302
T15 16 Madonna (Mich.) 28-5 302
17 17 Georgetown (Ky.) 20-7 292
18 T20 Jamestown (N.D.) 17-6 246
19 15 Evangel (Mo.) 19-8 239
20 T20 Oklahoma Baptist 20-7 231
21 23 Dordt (Iowa) 14-8 184
22 22 Wayland Baptist (Texas) 15-9 177
23 24 Coastal Georgia 21-1 147
24 19 Vanguard (Calif.) 18-9 135
25 RV Cal State San Marcos 18-9 131

Others receiving votes: MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) 121; Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 81; Indiana Wesleyan 72; Bryan (Tenn.) 58; Ashford (Iowa) 42; College of Idaho 35; Trinity Christian (Ill.) 27; St. Catharine (Ky.) 22; St. Thomas (Fla.) 16; Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) 14; Point Park (Pa.) 12; Hastings (Neb.) 9; The Master's (Calif.) 7; Concordia (Ore.) 3.