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EASTERN OREGON: Regional sports scores

Area Sports Scores

Posted on October 17, 2014


Ontario 40 def La Grande 34 OT

Baker 54 def Mac-Hi 14

Union/Cove 58 def Grant Union 8

Pine Eagle 62 def Joseph 20

Elgin 88 def Echo 14

Burns 48 def Enterprise 0

Wallowa 72 def Powder Valley 34


Pine Eagle 3 def Joseph 2

Union 3 def Heppner 2

BAKER CITY, OR: Bulldogs run past Mac-Hi Pioneers

Bulldogs get back in the win column

Posted on October 17, 2014

The Baker Bulldogs got off to a fast start against Mac-Hi and never looked back as they beat the Pioneers 54 to 14 Friday night. The Bulldogs were led by Porter Cline who had 13 rushes for 214 yards and three touchdowns. Keaton Bachman was 8 of 12 passing for 196 yards and three touchdowns. Mason Powell rushed for 54 yards and a touchdown and also caught three passes for 101 yards and two more touchdowns. Baker will host Ontario next Friday night at 7pm.

ONTARIO, OR: Ontario wins battle of the Tigers

La Grande manages just seven yards rushing

Posted on October 17, 2014

The La Grande Tigers lost a tough one on the road losing to the Ontario Tigers in overtime 40 to 34. La Grande was led by Brandon Dall who was 23 of 44 in passing for 405 yards. Andrew Peasley hauled in 12 of those passes for 241 yards. La Grande travels to Mac-Hi next week while Ontario makes the trip to battle the Baker Bulldogs.

LA GRANDE, OR: Roy Horn Sr. faces Rape and Sex Abuse charges

Bail is held at $100,000

Posted on October 17, 2014

Roy Horn Sr., a Union County resident, was arraigned in a Union County Circuit Court Room this afternoon.  Horn was arraigned by visiting Circuit Court Judge Ochoa, on charges of Rape in the first degree and Sex Abuse in the first degree.  Incidents were reported to happen between 2006 and 2007.  Judge Ochoa held bail at $100,000, meaning that in order to be bailed out Horn must present the full amount of bail not just 10%.  In the event that bail is posted a hearing has been required before release.  Horn has been ordered no contact with the victim and is being held in the Union County Jail.

EASTERN OREGON: Health care professionals focus on Ebola education

"The likelihood of someone in Eastern Oregon becoming infected with Ebola is slim"

Posted on October 16, 2014

One death and two illnesses have now been reported nationally due to Ebola.  The country is on high alert for the virus so health professionals are educating themselves to know how to determine if a patient is infected with Ebola or if their symptoms are caused by something else. April Brock with Grande Ronde Hospital says “The main focus right now is trying to get education and information out to our health care providers, so that they don’t get caught not understanding what they should be looking for and the questions that they should be asking because Ebola is new to the United States. 

Brock says that the likelihood of someone in Eastern Oregon becoming infected with Ebola is slim, but precautions are being taken regarding education, just to be safe.

LA GRANDE, OR: Ebola virus not an airborn virus

You can take steps to protect yourself

Posted October 17, 2014

Standing next to a person, sharing the same air..these are not ways that the Ebola virus can be transmitted according to JB Brock with Union County Emergency Services. "In order to spread the disease, you have to have bodily fluids exchange, from an infected person to an uninfected person."

Coughing into your sleeve and washing hands regularly are a couple of ways that you can protect yourself and others from the spread of germs.  If you feel that you have been in contact with someone who has been infected with Ebola, you need to seek help immediately.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker volleyball beats Mac Hi, other scores

Baker keeps in the playoff race with the win

Posted October 17, 2014

The Baker volleyball team beat Mac Hi last night 3-1.  That keeps the Lady Bulldogs in 2nd place in the Greater Oregon League standings at 4-1.  In other volleyball action last night, Elgin beat Enterprise 3-2, Burns beat Union 3-1 and Grant Union swept Imbler 3-0.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker hosts Mac Hi for Homecoming, other games

La Grande travels to Ontario for a showdown

Posted October 17, 2014

The Baker Bulldogs will host Mac Hi in Homecoming 2014.  The Bulldogs need a win to keep in the playoff race.  You can listen to the action starting with the St. Alphonsus pregame show at 6:45 on KCMB.

The La Grande Tigers will be on the road in Ontario for what is essentially the league title game.  You can listen to the action live starting with the Les Schwab Tire Pregame Show at 5:50 on NewsTalk 103.

In other area games tonight, Union/Cove is at Grant Union and Enterprise travels to Burns.  In 1A action Elgin travels to Echo, Pine Eagle hosts Joseph and Powder Valley will host Wallowa.

LA GRANDE, OR: La Grande soccer teams host Mac Hi

Chance at redemption for girls team

Posted October 17, 2014

The La Grande boys and girls soccer teams will host Mac Hi tomorrow in Greater Oregon League action.  The girls play at 12:00pm while the boys play at 2:00 pm.

BAKER CITY, OR: Trial date set for lawsuit filed by Richard Langrell

Trail date has been set for April 2, 2015

Posted on October 16, 2014

The Baker Circuit Court has set a trial date for the lawsuit that has been filed against the City of Baker City by Richard Langrell, who is a Baker City City Councilor. A twelve person jury trial has been set to begin on April 2, 2015 at 9:00 am. The Court has also set a date of January 23, 2015 at 1:30 pm, in order to hear a motion that has been filed in the case. The trial will resolve a dispute between Baker City and Richard Langrell, which resulted from the annexation of Langrell’s property into the city. At the time of annexation, the city waived their portion of the property taxes on the property however continued to charge double water and wastewater rates to the property. In the complaint Langrell asserts that the City did not have the authority to collect the double fees.

BAKER CITY, OR: 45-year-old man arrested for luring a minor

Parents of the victim found explicit conversations on a "Whisper" account

Posted on October 16, 2014

On October 15, 2014 Baker City Police Officers arrested 45 year old Arnold Roger Skeels for Luring a Minor, a Class C Felony; and for Online Sexual Corruption of a Child II, also a Class C Felony. Skeels, who lives at 3110 H Street in Baker City, was arrested at the Baker City Police Department (BCPD) following an interview. This investigation began on October 7, 2014 when the parents of a Baker City 16 year old discovered sexually explicit conversations their daughter was having on her IPOD through a “Whisper” account, with an unknown adult male. Baker City Police proceeded with the investigation utilizing the assistance of an Oregon Department of Justice Investigator, who is affiliated with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which is a national organization. With ICAC’s guidance, a BCPD Police Officer created a Whisper account, portraying a 15 year girl and carried on numerous conversations with Skeels, which led to his arrest. The Baker City Police Department would like to remind all parents that there are numerous threats to our children through the various social media sites that exist today. For your children’s safety, please remind them of those threats and monitor their activities with social media.

BAKER CITY, OR: Former high school principal tackles trade school

BTI to help kids prepare for jobs

Posted October 16, 2014

After 22 years as a high school principal Jerry Peacock came to the realization that a number of students are not ready for the job market when it comes time to graduate.  That’s why this year he’s directing a new program at Baker High School called Baker Technical Institute. "We went through a time where we were pushing kids to college and quite frankly not a lot of them were ready for that nor were they interested."

BTI focuses on job skills, career and soft skills, teaches students more about working with people and how to present themselves in a work environment.  All these things combined are encouraging students to become essential members of our future work force.  The economic growth of a community is affected in part by the skills acquired by the students of that community: "Kids need to have some job skills if you are gonna impact the economic development of your community, no one wants to relocate to an area where there’s not a work force."

The Baker Technical Institute has a variety of programs available to students- things such as construction, engineering and certified nursing assistance programs and more.  Each of these teaches students about a particular trade so when the times comes for them to be a part of the job market they have the skills they will need to be an important part of the local economic growth.

LA GRANDE, OR: MERA beginning to attract lots of out-of-town users

Volunteers have helped create fifteen miles of roads this year

Posted October 16, 2014

Six years after Union County purchased the Mt. Emily Recreation Area even the doubters have seen the light.  County Parks Director Sean Chambers says the number of people using the area is growing rapidly and will continue to grow thanks to the expansion of trails: "We got a lot of trails built this year- we’re nearing fifteen-plus miles of new trails just built this summer, so there’s a lot of excitement in the community."

Chambers thanked the many groups that have volunteered to help build the trails- including some groups that were against the recreation area originally.  And Chambers says users rave about the facilities: "We’ve got our trailhead facilities in place, and we’re improving mapping all the time.  People are more able to identify routes and use the trail system."

And next year Chambers says they will continue efforts to build trails and improve the mapping of what is there now.

LA GRANDE, OR: Local high school volleyball teams in action tonight

La Grande travels to Ontario tonight, Baker at home

Posted October 16, 2014

In Greater Oregon League volleyball action La Grande is at Ontario and Baker hosts Mac Hi tonight.  In 2A action Elgin is at Enterprise, Union travels to Burns and Imbler is in John Day.  Powder Valley will play in Wafllowa.

BAKER CITY, OR: Baker boys and girls soccer teams play at home

Bulldogs host Ontario

Posted October 16, 2014

In Greater Oregon League soccer action this afternoon the Baker boys host Ontario at 2:00 and the girls will also host Ontario at 4:00.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU men's cross country team #11

EOU still 2nd in the CCC

Posted October 16, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University cross country team held steady in the polls this week at number 11 in the NAIA National Poll.  They’re still the second highest ranked team from the Cascade Collegiate cConference behind number 2 Southern Oregon.

LA GRANDE, OR: Shelter from the Storm to appeals judges ruling

Shelter claims Judge Temple erred in her decision

Posted October 15, 2014

Shelter from the Storm notified Union County officials today that they would be appealing a judges decision that held the shelter has o right to stay in their current location and that the county doesn't owe them any money for moving.  According to the filing, the shelter's attorney, George Galloway, says the judge failed to state a cause of action on the shelter's claim they should be awarded damages under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act.  Judge Eva Temple ruled the shelter wasn't eligible for damages since they were in the building without a lease for more than a year.  There's no word yet on when the appeal will be heard.

BAKER CITY, OR: Transformer fire knocks out power to homes

OTEC crews may have to replace the pole

Posted October 15, 2014

A transformer sitting atop a power pole at the corner of "D" and Cedar Streets in Baker City caught fire late this morning knocking out power to about seventeen OTEC customers.  Spokesman Jim Horan says the fire was quickly contained, but the pole may have to be replaced.  That would mean turning off the power to an additional twenty customers.  Switching the poles would like only take a couple of hours.

LA GRANDE, OR: Downed line causes power outage

Power restored in about half-an-hour

Posted October 15, 2014

About 160 OTEC customers just outside of La Grande were without power for just over half-an-hour this morning.  OTEC spokesman Jim Horan said a downed line knocked out power on part of Gekeler Lane, Pierce Road and Peach Road.  Power was restored just before 10:00 am.

**UPDATE** Bodies found in home, murder/suicide suspected

Victims identified

Posted October 15, 2014

More details have been released about a murder/suicide in Ontario yesterday.  Sheriff’s deputies performing a welfare check at the request of a neighbor found the bodies of 34-year-old Larry Thorndike and 32-year-old Amy LaBeaf in a bedroom of the home.  Undersheriff Travis Johnson says both individuals died of gunshot wounds.  Members of the Oregon State Police Crime Lab in Pendleton responded to help with the investigation.  Autopsies on both people will be conducted.


Few details have been released about the discovery of two bodies in a home off of Foothill Drive in Ontario.  Officials with the Malhuer County Sheriff’s Office said a neighbor called and asked for a welfare check on the couple.  Responding deputies found the two bodies in the bedroom of the home and say it appears to have been a murder-suicide.  Members of the Pendleton Crime Lab are handling the investigation. Sheriff’s officials say they have seen an uptick in these types of crimes in Eastern Oregon in recent months.

BAKER CITY, OR: Middle School student caught with drugs

The district has a zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol and tobacco on school grounds

Posted on October 14, 2014

A Baker Middle School student was caught in possession of marijuana yesterday while on school grounds.  No information is available at this time regarding what charges the student may face, but Walt Wegener Superintendent for the Baker 5J School District says that like other situations that occur, this type of situation is taken seriously, " The first thing you try and do is see to it that it is not going to be distributed and gather all that is available so that we get that off to the police and get it stored and out of the building"  The Baker 5J School District has a zero tolerance when it comes to drugs, alcohol and tobacco on school grounds.

SALEM, OR: Watch out for marijuana infused candy this Halloween

Common candies being sprayed with hash oil

Posted October 15, 2014

Oregon health officials are warning parent to be on the lookout for some potentially dangerous candy this Halloween season.  Officials are seeing more marijuana infused candy on the streets and they’re concerned it may find its way into trick or treat bags.  The candies look like conventional brands but are sprayed with hash oil.  Experts say they often can’t tell the difference.  Officials say a good rule of thumb to follow- if it’s not sealed in its original package, don’t let kids eat it.

LA GRANDE, OR: All-day Kindergarten looms, but where to put the kids?

Many modular classrooms lack running water

Posted October 15, 2014

With all-day Kindergarten set to start in less than a year, the La Grande School District doesn’t have the classroom space to meet the districts needs- and the series of modular classrooms in use now aren’t the solution.  Jeff Crews, a member of the political action committee backing the bond: "Some of these temporary modular structures that are functional when you look at them but are like construction management shacks that some of them have been sitting there ten years or more."

Most of the modulars don’t have running water or bathrooms meaning kids have to walk alone between the modular and the building to use the restroom.  The bond would help construct permenant classroom space in the neighborhood schools.  Crews says the modulars are also a safety issue: "When you think about safety and security and efficiency and requirements for all-day Kindergarten and being able to have better facilities to be able to have an environment to learn in."

 The bond will help the district add classroom space in the neighborhood schools that will house the incoming Kindergarten students.

ISLAND CITY, OR: City council passes a marijuana sales tax

Council hopes dispensaries will go to La Grande

Posted October 15, 2014

If marijuana dispensaries are ever allowed in Island City, the product they sell will be subject to a sales tax.  The city council Monday night approved a 10% sales tax on medical marijuana and 30% on recreational pot.  The city council increased the tax on recreational marijuana hoping if it does become legal tht shops will look to open in La Grande which will have a lower tax.

LA GRANDE, OR: La Grande High School marching band wins competition

La Grande one of ten teams at the competition

Posted October 15, 2014

The La Grande High School marching band took first place in their division at a competition in Ontario last weekend that featured ten bands from Oregon and Idaho.  The band performed a superhero themed show according to director Chris Leavitt.  The Tiger Band has been winning awards for excellence on a statewide level in recent years.

LA GRANDE, OR: La Grande volleyball team stays perfect in GOL play

Lady Tigers haven't lost a league match in nearly five years

Posted October 15, 2014

The La Grande High School volleyball team swept Mac Hi last night on the teams breast cancer awareness night.  La Grande is perfect in league play again this season.

NORTHEAST, OREGON: Be on the alert for OTEC phone scam

OTEC will never call and demand immediate payment

Posted on October 14, 2014

Phone scams seem to be an ever present problem in our society these days, and just because we are in a rural community does not mean that it can't happen to us.  Jim Horan Manager of Communications and Government Affairs with Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative says that a scam they have seen most recently involves restaurants or hotels.  A call comes in right at lunch rush or on a Friday afternoon.  The caller tells them that they have an outstanding bill of between $200 and $600.  They threaten to cut the power off unless the business owner immediately purchases a pre-paid debit cards for the full amount, then they are suppose to call the New Mexico or Colorado number back and provide the scammer with the details.

Horan says that OTEC will never call and demand immediate payment. They work with members on payment plans and a situation like this should never happen at OTEC. They also don’t accept pre-paid debit cards over the phone.  If you have received one of these calls call OTEC immediately or local law enforcement.

BAKER CITY, OR: Regulated-Use Closure for private forestlands terminated

"All fired should be dead out!"

Posted on October 14, 2014

The Oregon Department of Forestry has terminated the fire prevention related Regulated-Use Closure for private forestlands protected by the Northeast Oregon District.  Campfires and warming fires are allowed with landowner permission.  Matt Howard, Wallowa Unit Wildland Fire Supervisor, cautions “Campfires should not be left unattended as they could spread to wildland fuels.”  Build campfires in a safe location by scraping away leaves and litter to bare soil on all sides of the fire.  All fires should be dead out!  Drown all embers, sticks, and coals, stir the coals with a shovel, and drown the area again.

Fire season remains in effect for private, state, county, municipal, and tribal lands protected by the Northeast Oregon District in the following counties: Union, Baker, Wallowa, Umatilla, and small portions of Grant, Malheur, and Morrow Counties.  Open fires (except campfires), debris burns and burn barrels on ODF protected lands

require a burn permit, contact your local office for information.

Year to date fire information for lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry Northeast Oregon District:

            Lightning caused:  66 fires                             Acres burned:  636

            Human caused:      31 fires                             Acres burned:  261

More information can be found at the Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center website http://bmidc.org/index.shtml.  Look under fire restrictions.

LAGRANDE, OR: EOU Men's Basketball Teams picked eight in CCC

Season to start on Friday

Posted on October 14, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University men's basketball team was picked to finish eighth in the Cascadec Collegiate Conference Coaches' Preseason Poll, the conference office announced on Tuesday.
 The Mountaineers received 48 points and finished three points away from seventh place. Eastern Oregon finished last season with an overall record of 16-13 and 7-11 in CCC action.
 The complete CCC Preseason Coaches' Poll is below.
 The Mountaineers open their season this Friday when they travel to Eugene, Ore. to face New Hope Christian College.
2014-15 CCC Preseason Coaches' Poll (first place votes in parentheses)

      2013-14 Record
    Pts. Overall CCC
1. College of Idaho (10) 100 28-6 16-2
2. Southern Oregon 73 22-9 11-7
3. Concordia 70 22-10 11-7
4. Oregon Tech 61 17-15 9-9
5. Northwest Christian 57 18-14 10-8
6. Northwest 55 20-11 10-8
7. Warner Pacific 51 16-15 10-8
8. Eastern Oregon 48 16-13 7-11
9. Corban 25 8-20 3-15
10. Evergreen 10 4-21 3-15

LAGRANDE, OR: EOU Volleyball team up to number nine

Tied for thier highest ranking ever

Posted on October 14, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University volleyball team has tied their highest ranking ever, coming in at No. 9, in the sixth edition of the Tachikara-NAIA Volleyball Coaches' Top 25 Poll, the national office announced Tuesday.
 The Mountaineers won both of their matches last week. On Friday night, Eastern Oregon University powered past the Eagles of Northwest University, 3-0 (25-22, 25-16, 25-18). The Mountaineers recorded 43 kills on the evening and were led by Casey Loper's double-double, 15 kills and 12 digs. EOU held the Eagles to 21 kills and a hitting percentage of .050 on the night.  Rachelle Chamberlain dished out 33 assists and Jessalyn Smith recorded 15 digs to lead the Mountaineers on the evening.
 On Saturday, EOU recorded their fifth straight sweep, ­­­­­­as they swept Evergreen, 25-15, 25-19, 25-8. Loper led the Mountaineers with a game-high 14 kills. Isabelle Statkus and Amanda Miller followed with eight and seven, respectively. Chamberlain dished out a match-high 33 assists.
 Eastern Oregon returns to action on Friday, Oct. 17 when they host College of Idaho at 7 p.m.

LA GRANDE, OR: Idaho flu deaths a reminder: get vaccinated now!

Peak flu time for Oregon is in January

Posted October 14, 2014

Two Idaho women died last week from complications of the flu virus.  While the flu season generally runs from September to May, this is the earliest anyone can remember having deaths from the virus.  Andi Walsh with the Center for Human Development says it’s very important for people to get their flu shots early: "October always seems to be the best month, and the reason for that is because of the turn around time for that vaccine to be effective.  It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to be at its peak."

That allows the immunity to develop before the holiday travel season.  Walsh says Oregon’s peak time for the flu is in January.  And Walsh says one of the big myths about the vaccine is it can make you sick: "You might have a reaction to it, you might have, obviously on your arm, you might have a rash."

You might also get a low grade fever and some body aches, but the vaccine itself can’t give you the flu.  Walsh urges everyone over the age of six months to get vaccinated.

ISLAND CITY, OR: City council rules in divisive trucking business case

City council rules the business can continue

Posted October 14, 2014

In a case that has split the community, the Island City Council has ruled in favor of a trucking business run out of a Buchanen Lane home- but the fight is far from over according to neighbor Scott Stevens.   He and his wife have spent five years fighting the home occupation permit for the trucking business run by John Fregulia just three hundred feet from their home: "To be forced to have a commercial trucking operation right out our back window- it’s not zoned, it doesn’t meet the criteria and it shouldn’t be approved."

The Stevens complaints include the noise of the log trucks and having headlights shined in their home in the middle of the night.  The Stevens say they will appeal the city council’s decision to the Land Use Board of Appeals. 

Meanwhile Fregulia says he’s done everything the city has asked to mitigate the impact his trucking business has on his neighbors.  That business provides local living wage jobs.  Fregulia says he’s always had trucks at his home and his neighbors have all been supportive: "They’ve always been supportive, and the Stevens were supportive back when I moved in there- I had trucks when I moved in there eleven years ago, and this has all come about in the last five years."

Fregulia says it’s sad the situation has come to this but he expects that the legal wrangling won’t be over soon.

BAKER CITY, OR: Superintendant Wegener happy with enrollment numbers

The district is up 30 students from this time last year

Posted on October 13, 2014

The Baker 5J School Districts enrollment numbers are up for the year so far according to Superintendent Walt Wegener.  As of October 1, 2014 the school district was up about 30 students from the same time period last year.  Wegener says this number is well above their projected numbers.  Those numbers are also 68 students above the end-of -year totals from June of last year.

SALEM, OR: Today the final day you can register to vote

You can register on line or at clerks offices

Posted October 14, 2014

If you plan on voting in this November’s general election but haven’t registered yet, today is the final day you can do that.  You can register at any county clerks office or online at Https://secure.sos.state.or.us/orestar/vr/register.do?lang=eng&source=sos.  Ballots in the vote by mail election will go in the mail later this week and voters should have them in hand by the weekend.  Ballots can be mailed back or dropped off in drops boxes at city halls and clerks offices all over the state.

**FACEBOOK QUESTION** Skateboarders/bikers in downtowns

Most people empathetic with bicyclists, skateboarders

Posted October 14, 2014

Yesterday on our Facebook question we asked about the problem of skateboarding and biking on downtown sidewalks, and a surprising number of listeners expressed sympathy with the riders.  Many felt if businesses want the bikes off the sidewalks they need to push for a bike lane through the downtown area.  Several people also expressed concern about skateboarders and bikers not stopping at streets and shooting out in front of vehicles.  If you would like to share your opinion, log on to www.facebook.com/elkhornmediagroup

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU women's basketball picked second in CCC

Southern Oregon picked to finish 1st

Posted October 14, 2014

The Cascade Collegiate Conference held their annual women’s basketball meeting yesterday and Eastern Oregon University has been picked to finish second in the conference behind Southern Oregon this year.  The Lady Mountaineers open the season this weekend on the road.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU football drops fie spots in latest NAIA poll

Football team now ranked #20

Posted October 14, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University football team tumbled five spots in the latest NAIA national poll to number 20 after their loss to Carroll College on Saturday.  Carroll College and Southern Oregon both moved up one spot to numbers 3 and 4 respectively.

GRANT COUNTY, OR: Be on alert for phone scams

Never give our personal information via the phone

Posted on October 13, 2014

Another phone scam seems to be circulating around the area.  The Grant County Sheriff’s office wants people to be on the alert of a possible phone scam in and around Grant County.  A caller will contact you claiming to be with the Department of Legal Affairs.  Recipients of these calls are asked to call or have their attorneys contact a specific number if they want to avoid any legal action.  If you have received any of these types of calls you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.  The caller in question is often a male voice with a strong accent.  Citizens are reminded that they should never give any personal information out via the telephone or send money and if they suspect they are the victim or target of a scam call law enforcement immediately.

LA GRANDE, OR: Riding bikes/skateboards on LG sidewalks could be costly

Violators could face a large fine, civil penalties

Posted October 13, 2014

If you ride your skateboard or bicycle on downtown La Grande sidewalks during business hours, you may break more than your arm if you collide with a pedestrian- it may break your piggy bank.  Lt. Derrick Reddington with the La Grande Police Department: "The fine for such a violation is up to $500, and if they hurt somebody or damage somebodies property they would be held civilly liable."

Lt. Reddington says the nice weather we’re enjoying has allowed people to continue skateboarding and biking, and the number of complaints from downtown businesses about near-misses are way up.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU must adapt to survive in changing times

EOU looking at new programs, demographics

Posted October 13, 2014

As with all things, Eastern Oregon University must adapt to changing conditions or die.  With unstable funding from the state, President Jay Kenton says the institution needs to change to meet the needs of the region.  That means cutting some programs that are underperforming and adding others that are in high demand: "We’re looking at programs in health care, we’re looking at programs in natural resources and ag and things like that."

Dr. Kenton says Eastern drives the economy of the region but can do better.  He’s exploring ways to again make Eastern a truly regional institution.  Part of that involves looking at an underserved demographic in the region- the Latino community: "About 30% of the kids in K-12 schools in the ten Eastern Counties are from Latino families, and we only have about 6 or 7% Latino’s in our student body."

Part of the decision to start a men’s soccer program was to attract more Latino students.  With enrollment numbers down 11% in the past few years, bringing in more students is now a priority for Eastern.

HAINES, OR: 440 memebers lost power Saturday night

Service was restored by 1:00am

Posted on October 13, 2014

440 members just west of Haines lost power on Saturday night about 20 minutes to mid night.  Blowing winds that caused a tree limb to fall across power lines is believed to be the cause of the outage.  Crews were able to find the cause for the outage and had power restored just before 1:00am on Sunday morning.

LA GRANDE, OR: Despite its age, Willow School still useful

School will remain in use as the district offices

Posted October 13, 2014

How can a 90-year-old school building still be used?  That’s the question facing the La Grande School District when it comes to Willow School, the districts oldest building.  Superintendent Larry Glaze says when the proposed $31.8 million school bond passes in November the district will move kindergarten students out of the building back to neighborhood schools where they will get more help: "They’re not getting as much service from support service people as the rest of our elementary grades are."

Glaze says there's still a use for the building: "We will retain the administrative offices at Willow School, and my experience, anytime you open up spaces in a school district they fill up very quickly with miscellaneous."

Glaze says willow will also stay open to the community.  Currently the gym is often used by AAU basketball teams and other groups as a meeting place.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU Science Journal tops in the nation

Student run magazine the only one in Oregon

Posted October 13, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University Science Journal has been named tops in the nation.  The American Scholastic Press named the journal the Most Outstanding College Science Magazine for the 2013-2014 school year.  The journal also received a special merit award for superior design and content.  The EOU Science Journal is the first student published, undergraduate scientific research journal in Oregon.

LA GRANDE, OR: La Grande boys and girls soccer splits with Ontario

Teams just weeks away from the playoffs

Posted October 13, 2014

The La Grande girls soccer team beat Ontario 5-0 at home on Saturday.  That keeps La Grande in 2nd place in the Greater Oregon League standings:

Mac Hi- 2-0

                                              La Grande- 2-1

                                              Ontario- 1-1

                                              Baker- 0-3

The La Grande boys lost to Ontario 2-0.

Ontario - 2-0

Mac Hi- 2-0

La Grande- 1-2

Baker- 0-3

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU volleyball continues to cruise

#10 EOU sweeps their weekend competition

Posted October 13, 2014

The 10th ranked Eastern Oregon University volleyball team made short work of their weekend opponents sweeping both Northwest University on Friday and The Evergreen State College on Saturday. 

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU soccer team plays OIT to a draw

Jessica Parker stops sixteen shots

Posted October 13, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University women's soccer team played Oregon Tech to a 0-0 draw Saturday in Cascade Collegiate Conference action thanks to sixteen stops by Mountaineer keeper Jessica Parker.  EOU only had five shots in the game, none one goal.  Eastern is 0-2-3 in CCC play.

MEACHAM, OR: Vehicle rolls after hitting dead bear

Two adults injured, child unharmed, dog died at scene

Posted October 12, 2014

Two people were injured and their dog died Saturday night in a rollover crash along Interstate 84 near Meacham when the driver lost control after running over a dead bear lying in a traffic lane.  On October 11, 2014 at approximately 11:00 p.m., a passenger car driven by Bret Cartwright, age 25, from Boise, Idaho, was eastbound on Interstate 84 near milepost 235 when he changed from the right lane to left lane due to plastic vehicle parts on the road causing a hazard. Upon changing lanes, the car struck a dead black bear lying in the left lane.  Cartwright lost control of the vehicle as it rolled into the center median where it came to rest on its top.

Cartwright was transported by ambulance to St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton for treatment of non-life threatening injury. His 22-year old wife received minor injury and their 1-year old daughter was properly restrained in a child safety seat and was not injured. Both were driven to the hospital by an OSP trooper.  The family's dog was deceased at the scene.  OSP was assisted at the scene by local emergency responders.

The vehicle that had previously struck the bear was not at the scene. OSP and ODOT urge drivers involved in a collision with wildlife or other animals to stop and make an effort to check the extent of injury and any damage to your vehicle. If possible and safe to do so, try to get the animal and/or road debris out of the way of approaching traffic. Contact 9-1-1 or OSP dispatch to report the collision and request assistance, if needed.

LA GRANDE, OR: Mountaineers overpowered by Saints

Mountaineers on the road next weekend

Posted on October 11, 2014

Carroll College #4 in the nation beat #15 Eastern Oregon University today at Community Stadium.  Carroll College took control of the game from the first kickoff and led the game from that point on,  Carroll College had 520 yards total offense, their defense held Eastern to 142 yards total offense, including 26 yards passing.  Eastern Oregon University goes to 3 and 2 in the Frontier Conference while Carroll College goes to 4 and 1. 

The Mountaineers will be on the road next Saturday as they head to the University of Montana Western.  Pregame will begin at 11:40am on Newstalk103


LAGRANDE, OR: Tigers beat Bulldogs at Community Stadium

For the first time in 7 years Tigers defeat Bulldogs 37 to 24

The scoring on Friday night started slow, but picked up in the second half as La Grande beat Baker at Community Stadium for the first time in seven years in football. The Tigers were led by Quarterback Brandon Dall who went 27 of 39 in the passing department for 504 yards. Andrew Peasley caught 10 of those passess for 226 yards. Ray Jimenez had 13 carries for 84 yards.

Baker was led by Porter Cline who had 25 rushes for 311 yeards.

Next week La Grande will be in Ontario for a 6:00pm pacific time kick-off.

Baker will host Mac-hi at 7pm Friday night.

NORTHEAST OREGON: Area High School sports scores

Football and Volleyball scores

Posted on October 10, 2014


Union/Cove 22 def Imbler 20

Elgin 42 def Perrydale 36

Vale 52 def Lakeview 6

Pine Eagle 50 def Powder Valley 16

Ontario 49 def Mac-Hi 26

Crane 66 def Harper/Huntington 26

Joseph 60 def Echo 12


Wallowa 3 Griswald 2

Pine Eagle 3 Powder Valley 2

Pine Eagle 3 Nixyaawii 0

Joseph 3 Echo 0

Jordan Valley 3 Prairie City 0

Crane 3 Harper/Huntington 0

Cove 3 Imbler 2

Union 3 Weston-McEwen 2

BAKER CITY, OR: Accidental gun shot injures man

Man was transported from area by lifeflight

Posted October 10, 2014

On October 10, 2014 the Baker County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an accidental gun shot in the City of Greenhorn.  Deputies responded and found that a subject who had been placing a gun on to an ATV had accidentally shot himself in the torso with a 20 gauge shotgun.  The subject remained conscious and was able to call for help from his brothers who were close by at the time.  The subject was attended by Sumpter QRT and the Baker City Fire Department and transported from the area by Lifeflight.  The subject was identified as:

Gary Keith Welter, age 62 from Warren, Or.  The Baker County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind hunters to use care when handling firearms.

SALEM, OR: Dairy Queen in LG and Baker hacked

Local stores among 395 locations hit

Posted October 10, 2014

If you went to Dairy Queen in August or September in Northeast Oregon, you had better check your bank accounts.  Dairy Queen became the latest corporation to report their systems have been hacked and customer information stolen.  The list of stores that were possibly hit include La Grande and Baker.  In all, 395 stores were affected.

BAKER CITY, OR: Help is available for victims of sexual abuse

Half-a-million people victimized each year

Posted October 10, 2014

Nearly 100 people reported being sexually assaulted last year in Baker, Union and Wallowa Counties, and there were over 500,000 reports of people being raped last year in the United States.  Many victims are left feeling alone and hopeless after experiencing a rape or sexual assault.  If you are a victim there is one very important thing to remember according to Fonda Siex with May Day inc: "Usually its best to come forth 72 hours, that’s usually when the evidence for DNA collection is best."

There are abuse hotlines and help available all over the United States.  Being a victim is not something to be ashamed of.   Call your local hotline and let them help you.  For more information on abuse and how to prevent it, contact your local abuse center.

LA GRANDE, OR: Three La Grande science teachers honored

Teachers to be honored tonight in Portland

Posted October 10, 2014

Three La Grande teachers have been ranked among the best in the state when it comes to teaching science.  Superintendent Larry Glaze says the trio were recognized last night at the district level: "We were excited to acknowledge the great work of two teachers at La Grande Middle School- Lorrie Carmichael and Kathy Nickerson, and then at Greenwood we acknowledged Kevin Kretschmer."

All three teachers will also be recognized tonight at a banquet and ceremony in Portland.  Glaze says a lot goes into these awards which are selected based on the teacher’s ability to motivate student achievement and excitement in science.  Glaze says it’s great for the teachers to get recognized for their hard work. 

LA GRANDE, OR: Plenty of opportunities in the National Guard

Get experience while getting paid

Posted October 10, 2014

When the Buzzard Complex Fire near Burns threatened homes in the area last summer, Governor Kitzhaber went to his last line of defense- the Oregon National Guard.  Members from around the state showed up to help evacuate communities and aid firefighters with heavy equipment.  That’s just one of the many things our citizen soldiers do according to Staff Sergeant Eric Gilliland: "Depending on what the scenario was we work hand-in-hand with the police and fire and rescue.  We have a lot of National Guard members actually that partake in fighting fires in the summers when the Forest Service us."

Sgt. Gilliland says there are many different occupations within the National Guard and guard members are eligible for tuition assistance for college.  And part of the fun of being in the National Guard is you get to play with the big toys according to Staff sergeant Lori McNeil with the 3-116th in La Grande: "What 17-year-old doesn’t want to get out there and get on tanks and then you get paid for it, of course.  There are lots of different jobs that you can do between equipment- things you can run."

Men and women with a clean criminal record, a qualifying score on the ASVAB and no serious medical conditions can sign up.  For more information, contact Sgt. McNeil or Sgt. Gilliland at the La Grande Armory.

BAKER CITY, OR: City looking for someone to sit on the planning commission

Term expires January 1, 2016

Posted October 10, 2014

If you’ve ever thought Baker City needs help with making land use decisions, here’s your chance.  The city is looking for one person to fill a vacant seat on the planning commission.  The planning commission helps develop, maintain and implement the city’s comprehensive master plan.  The vacant term runs through the end of 2015.  Anyone interested can get an application at City Hall or on the city website.

BAKER CITY, OR: La Grande volleyball, soccer teams sweep Baker

La Grande stays unbeaten in league play

Posted October 10, 2014

The La Grande volleyball team swept Baker 3-0 last night.  La Grande is now 3-0 in league play, Baker is 3-1.  Imbler swept Enterprise and Grant Union swept Elgin.  In boys soccer action La Grande beat Baker 8-1.  The La Grande girls beat Baker 7-0. 

LA GRANDE, OR: GOL football gets underway, full local HS schedules

Baker travels to La Grande in football tonight

Posted October 10, 2014

The Greater Oregon League football season gets underway tonight as Baker travels to La Grande.  You can listen to the game starting with the Les Schwab Tire pregame show at 6:45 on NewsTalk 103 and starting with the St. Alphonsus pregame show at 6:45 on KCMB.

In other area games today Elgin will play Perrydale in Arlington at 2:00, Union/Cove will host Imbler at 7:00 and Enterprise plays at Tri-Cities Prep.  In 1A football Powder Valley is at Pine Eagle at 2:00.

In volleyball action today Powder Valley plays Pine Eagle and both teams will face Nixyaawii.  Wallowa hosts Griswold and Joseph hosts Echo.  Cove will play at Imbler, Union hosts Weston-McEwen.

Tomorrow the La Grande boys soccer team will host Ontario at noon while the girls play at 2:00.

LA GRANDE, OR: EOU women's soccer falls to Southern

Eastern plays Oregon Tech tomorrow

Posted October 10, 2014

The Eastern Oregon University women's soccer team lost to Southern Oregon 1-0 in Ashland yesterday.  Megan McArthur scored the lone goal of the game for the Lady Raiders.  Jessica Parker recorded fifteen saves for the Lady Mountaineers.  Eastern will take on Oregon Tech tomorrow in Klamath Falls.


BAKER CITY, OR: Mental patient escapes transport company

Subject was later located and turned over to transport company

Posted October 9, 2014

A mental patient escaped the custody of a secure transport company last night in Baker County.  At around 7:15pm Baker dispatch received a call from J&R Secure Transport Company, stating that they had a mental patient escape their custody at the Baker City McDonald’s. Several Baker City Police Department Unites and two Oregon State Police Units began searching for the subject.  The subject did not have a violent history.  Law enforcement and local mental health professionals were able to make contact with the subject via his cell hoping to get a better idea of where the subject was located.  At around 10:00pm just minutes before law enforcement was to begin utilizing their reverse 911 system and contacting us here at Elkhorn Media Group to alert citizens on the east side of Baker City, the subject was located and turned back over to the secure transport company, who proceeded transporting the subject  to John Day.

BAKER CITY, OR: Superintendant Walt Wegener set to retire

Wegener looking forward to traveling "maybe the Grand Canyon"

Posted on October 8, 2014

After a 44 year career in education Walt Wegener Superintendent for the Baker 5J School District is hanging up his hat.  Wegener says his career has included an extensive education including graduating from Sheridan High School and attending universities including, Western Oregon University: BA and MAT-Integrated Science Endorsement, Oregon State University: Physics and Advanced Math.  University of Washington and City University Bellevue:  Computer Science, Portland State University: Sports Medicine, University of Oregon: School Law, Southern Oregon University: Diversity Certificate, Central Washington University: Educational Leadership, Principle Certification, Washington State University: Educational Leadership, Superintendent Certification.

Wagoner feels that the time is right in his life to step back and take some time for himself. And will leave his position as Superintendant on June 30, 2014.  Wagoner says him and his wife Kathy plan to do some traveling, “nowhere fancy” Wegener says, “but maybe the Grand Canyon”.  He feels that he is leaving the district in a stable state and that this is still his district and he will do what he needs to do to make his leaving as easy as possible for all involved.  According to Wegener he looks forward to this next step in his life and say “I am not going to be doing nothing, I will just be doing something else and i am looking forward to it”

BAKER CITY, OR: Tualatin work site accident claims former resident

Pro Saws has been fined in the past for for safety issues

Posted on October 8, 2014

A former resident and 2005 graduate of Baker High School has been confirmed by multiple sources to have been the victim of a work sight accident at Pro Saws in Tualatin that took place earlier this week. 27-year old Jeremy Barker was trapped beneath a large stack of heavy metal at Pro Saw were he worked, emergency crews found him underneath but not completely pinned according to Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. 

Responders immediately began emergency life support on Barker who was airlifted to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland were he later died.  “We have experts coming to kind of look at the situation and see if things were being done in a safe manner,” said Battalion Chief Daniel Griffin. 

Melanie Mesaros with the Oregon OSHA said the company was cited on two previous occasions. Once, in 2013, a forklift driver did not have proper certification, and once in 2011 for four items related to safety issues.  The company was fined $108 for the forklift incident and $1060 for the safety issues.  Company officials have declined comment at this time.

BAKER CITY, OR: Vulnerability of elder's makes them targets for abuse

Watch for signs of abuse, neglect in the elderly

Posted September 22, 2014

Why does abuse of elders happen? Fonda Siex with May Day Inc explains…” as adults become older they become more physically frail and may not see and hear as well as they used too and they develop problems such as dementia and as a result of that they become even more vulnerable to abuse and neglect.”

Whether the abuse is physical, mental, sexual or financial the effects on the victim are devastating.



BAKER CITY, OR: Human remains found by bow hunter

Clothing and back pack also found

Posted September 22, 2014

On September 19, 2014 the Baker County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Bow hunter who reported finding Human Bones in the Marble Creek Area.  The Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene with the Oregon State Police and confirmed that they were human bones and also located clothing and a back pack in the area.  The Oregon State Police Crime Lab also responded and processed the scene. 

There is a tentative identification on the remains but the next of kin has not been notified.  We are also awaiting more positive identification from the Oregon State Medical Examiners Office once they receive the remains.

It appears this may have been a non violent death.  The bones also appear to have been there for 18 to 24 months.